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My interest in marketing grew out of a passion for connecting communities with arts & cultural experiences. As a writer, producer and director of theatre, dance and music events, during the late Eighties going into the Nineties, I was keen for my work to reach as many people as possible. This began my career in marketing and PR.


I strengthened my skills, knowledge and experience in audience development during the Nineties whilst working with diverse communities (e.g. young people, adults with learning disabilities, Black and South Asian LGBTQ+) through ambassadors schemes, workshops and community engagement projects. Clients included local authorities, health agencies, charities, voluntary organisations, youth services, schools and colleges. By the late Nineties I had developed extensive skills, significant knowledge and invaluable experience allowing me to understand and work effectively with artists, arts organisations and communities. These became the  foundation to the work that would follow.


Since 2000, I have worked with theatre, visual arts, dance, music, festivals, outdoor arts, museums and heritage projects leading on Marketing, PR and Audience Development Campaigns. In an audience development consultancy capacity I have managed projects specifically aimed at developing Black, Asian and ethnically diverse audiences in the UK and Europe. I have also worked with Arts Council England advising on organisational and audience development including South Asian Touring Theatre Consortium, Black Regional Initiative in Theatre (BRIT), decibel and Sustained Theatre. In addition to this, I have written Cultural Diversity Assessment Reports in relation to Development Plans submitted to the Arts Capital Programme.







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Interview and profile in the following


  • Biennial 2008/ 09 Awards Magazine - Triangle Media Group (2010)

  • Arts Industry publication (2005)

  • Working in performing arts – DfEE (2001)

  • ADiTi - South Asian Dance Publication (2000)

  • Featured in Who’s Who of Asian Achievers – Asians in the Millennium - Asian Times (2000)

  • Featured in Asian Who’s Who International – Millennium Edition 2000 (Asian Observer Publication)




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